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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My new author banner is so darn pretty...

These days it feels like I'm always apologizing for not writing many blog entries. The reason why? Now I have an editor, I have a deadline. I've been working hard to make this novel a success. I've been working even harder to finish the rewrites and I'm also settling into a new 'day job'. In between juggling finishing Nowhere to Run, I'm also working long hours in my new 'day job' and time's limited but I promise you it will be worth it.

I don't know if any of you have noticed yet, but I have a smashing new banner. The banner was designed by someone I am privileged to call a friend, and who is a fellow author. Her name's Shelly Pratt.

Let me tell you, her designing the banner for me blew my mind. Not only has she nailed it, but it really made me feel like I have earned my stripes enough to be calling myself an author. I'm really blown away by her effort and her talents. The fact she did it, without asking or even giving me a clue she was doing so, has me so floored and so ecstastic.

Shelly's an amazing designer. If you check out her page, you're bound to see her premade book covers, as well as her facebook banners. She'll also design a book cover for you, for an amazingly cheap price compared to some book designers out there right now. 

Just to be clear, designing isn't her daytime gig. In fact, she does it because she loves to be creative. The truth is she's an author just like me. Well except she has more than one book under her belt.  
One thing we do have in common though - apart from our love for a good plot and the inborn need to write compulsively - is that the idea of writing in one just genre isn't her.
Shelly writes Paranormal romance as well as thrillers. Her newest novel Burning Obsession has just been added to amazon.  

Burning Obsession is book one in the Detective Folgari series, and is mind-blowing good. Trust me on this one. I read it as a beta, as it kept me enthralled. A book has to be pretty damn good to do that to me, especially thrillers. It's worth checking out if you have the time.

To add more to her accolades, she is not just a self-published author but also has a novel coming out through Eternal Press. Beloved Soul will be out on the 7th of November 2012.   


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