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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nowhere to Run has an official release date...

Nowhere to Run finally has an official release date. It will be available from Amazon and possibly Kobo from February 14th 2012. 

I always knew Nowhere to Run would be released in February, but I actually thought it would be late February. Then it hit me, Valentine's Day was the perfect day to release it.

Why you ask? This is a novel about a serial killer, killing withe the sole purpose of perfecting what he considers his art. His aim is to be perfect for Stephanie Carovella, his obsession and who he considers the love of his life.

Twisted? Yeah, it is just a little bit but then I would not write it any other way.

I'm so very excited, because I already can imagine the marketing surrounding the release date.

Some girls get diamonds for Valentine's Day, Stephanie Carovella gets dead bodies...Nowhere to Run available February 14th 2013.

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