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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nowhere to Run is finished

It's been a while in between entries for me folks, and I have to apologize for this. Things have been really crazy for me in the real world as well as in the writing world. 

First of, I started a new job and second off, I finished writing Nowhere to Run. It's only taken me over a year since I scrapped the first version of Nowhere, and started again.

This year has been a game changer in so many ways for me. I met some amazing writers in a group called Books Anonymous. They inspired me to get my ass into gear and to write. They have not only inspired me, but also pushed me into following my dreams and making them a reality.

Last weekend, I handed Nowhere to Run to my wonderful Editor, Jennifer Roberts-Hall and started working with my cover designer, Scarlett, from Ruger Designs. So far, I'm blown away by her talents and I can't wait to see what she can do with my ideas and hers combined. Either way, it is exciting times. 

So, here's the thing I've learned about writing Nowhere to Run. It doesn't end with the novel. While I have finished Nowhere, there is still the rewrites after the edits, the designing of the cover and the formatting of the novel. Then of course there is ensuring I am protected by copyright. One of the wonderful things about Australia is that you are automatically copyrighted from the moment your work is created. The same goes for the US. I've organised to be officially copyrighted by both, just for precaution.

A lot of the work after being published comes from marketing as well. For me, I feel comfortable with the process, but I think this comes from the fact I have a Public Relations Degree as well as a Journalism degree.

In other news, I have a title for my second novel. It's called Nowhere to Hide and is the follow up to Nowhere to Run.

I've also decided on a name for the series. I'll let you all know tomorrow, so stay tuned...

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