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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Perceptions of a crime writer...

Releasing Nowhere to Run has been an interesting experience so far. I had high expectations for sales, but wasn't too sure how my reviews would go. My sale targets haven't quite hit the amount I would like, but my reviews have been out of this world. 

It never fails to amaze me when people tell me how much they love my writing. I mean, I love my writing and Nowhere to Run because it's mine. When others tell me they love it, I tend to look at them and wonder what kind of crack they're on. 

But at the same time, it truly humbles me. To have someone come up to me and say they can't wait to read book two, or that the first book made them bawl their eyes out - or in one person's case - have nightmares because they read it at night. (After I suggested they don't, of course.) It's kind of awe-inspiring and makes me so proud to be an author and proud of what I've written. It's also inspired me to knuckle down and write book two.

What I do find interesting is the perception people have of crime writers. So far I've had three different people ask me what kind of childhood did I have. It always stuns me when someone asks me that because I can't imagine someone saying the same to a romance writer, or even saying to them wow you must think about sex a lot - because let's face it romances are usually filled with steamy sex.
Yet if you're a crime writer, you apparently had a screwed up childhood. I guess it's the whole idea of thinking to ones self, 'Oh they must have been screwed up to be able to write like this'. Here's the truth. I had a normal childhood. I grew up playing with Barbies and staying out as long as my parents would allow me to before they came looking for me. I didn't pull the wings off butterflies, or set fire to bugs using the sun and a magnifying glass. I read a lot of books and had an overactive imagination. I also never went anywhere without a pen, paper and a camera. I still don't.

The reality is I just have one hell of an imagination and crime fascinates me. I always tell people I didn't choose to write crime, crime wrote me and that's the case. There are times I wish I could write romance or young adult - it would do amazing things for my sales but at the same time I'm happy in the Niche I am in. I write crime. I enjoy writing it. I've been compared the female James Patterson, which is pretty freaking amazing since he's someone to look up to in my eyes.

I have no regrets. 

And, I can't wait for everyone to write book two. If your perceptions of me as a crime writer were twisted before, then wait until after you've read Nowhere to Hide.


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