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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nowhere to Run rebranded

One of the biggest lessons I've learned as an author is that you need to have a cover that's appealing as well as attention-grabbing. Most the covers I've seen lately have been guys and girls in hot clinches. They sell. The reason why? They're sexy, they draw audiences to the book and make them want to buy it. 

When I decided on a cover for Nowhere to Run, I wanted it reflected as a crime novel and decided on Scarlett Ruger for the cover. Now, she is an amazing designer and I'm still in love with her cover. I always will be. 

To me, it's one sexy crime cover, but does it sell? I thought about it and while it appealed to the crime/thriller genre it didn't appeal so much to the romantic suspense genre. 

I decided to try another designer, one who specialized in a different style of covers and went with Allie B Designs (Allie B also happens to be the very talented young adult author Allison Brennan.

Now, let me tell you this girl can design (and write). One of the reasons I chose her was because she designed the cover for book two.

She was sweet enough to squeeze me into her busy schedule and the result?
Well, see for yourself.

Thoughts anyone? I personally love the new cover and for all of you that love the original cover, never fear for now it's the paperback cover.


  1. I absolutely love your new cover! I tend to read more romance books than crime and I have realised lately that I am definitely more drawn to covers with people on them rather than without. ~ Tamara

    1. I agree with you. I've never been so happy than with the new cover. It feels right and looks brighter and more appealing.


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