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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Deadly Secrets has a rough blurb...

I know Nowhere to Hide has only just been released, but book three of the
Stephanie Carovella series is already playing out in my head.

And, I can officially announce, it has a rough blurb....

And here it is:

Deadly Secrets

After surviving a copycat killer, whose sole intent was to make her his one claim to fame, Stephanie Carovella just wants to leave the past behind her and move on.

But, how do you escape the past, when everything you thought you knew about it has been turned upside down?

As she finds herself one step closer to discovering why her parents were really murdered, she is drawn into a deadly game with an old enemy. Stephanie must use all her wits to stay alive as a web of deceit is spin, lies are told and one final act of betrayal is played out.

That's the thing about secrets. They can break hearts and they can be deadly. And, before it's all over, hearts will be broken, someone will die and nothing will ever be the same for Stephanie Carovella again.

I don't know about you, but I'm really excited by this. I can't wait to start writing the third novel. Before it's release, Damaged will be out and I have another new series as well.

Life's going to be pretty busy!!!

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